Raleigh Nielsen: 408.201.2345

Greg Traeger: 408.234.3803

Erik Jertberg: 831.750.7728

Doug Brixey: 559.554.5015

Todd Burkhalter: 559.772.7496

Allan Tedford: 213.444.6908



Class 6 EtherCAT, EthernetIP, and PROFINET SmartMotors

New ServoBelt Rotary Stages Cost up to 50% Less
Self-Supporting Flat Cable Eliminates Cable Carrier Requirements
Custom Molding for Polyurethane and Rubber Components in Tracy, CA
Full Washdown Stainless Steel Actuators

Linear Robotics - Gantry Palletizing Machine

Single Axis Stepper Controller/Amplifier Released - "Add an Axis" function implemented
K1 Seals for Ballscrews and Linear Bearings ensure Maintenance Free Operation for 10,000 km travel
Programming a Linear Draw Wire Encoder
Backlash Free Bellows Save Lives
New 23-Bit Single & Multi-Turn Absolute Encoders
New QTR Frameless Motor Technology
Zero Crossover Distortion - Super Low Drive Linear Servo Amplifiers
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