Raleigh Nielsen: 408.201.2345

Greg Traeger: 408.234.3803

Erik Jertberg: 831.750.7728

Doug Brixey: 559.554.5015

Todd Burkhalter: 559.772.7496

Allan Tedford: 213.444.6908



Integrated Servo Motors / Drives / Controllers, Belt & Ballscrew Linear Actuators

Servo Belt Stages, Ballscrew Stages, Linear Motor Stages, Servo Belt & Direct Drive Rotary Tables, and Custom Engineered Solutions

Linear, Rotary, and Telescopic Motion Solutions Roller Rail (V and Gothic Arch) Solutions - Linear and Curved Rail

Harmonic Gearing Solutions, Power Transmission Right Angle Gearboxes, Slewing Rings
Cable Tracks, Bellows & Custom Rubber Products, Clutches, Ballscrews & Roll-up Doors
Medium and Heavy Duty Rod Style Actuators, Ballscrew/Rollerscrew/Stainless Options

Photo, Ultrasonic, IR, Bar Code, Laser, Measurement Sensors, Safety Light Curtains, Area Scanners

Belt-Driven & Leadscrew Driven Actuators & Linear Robotic Systems

Modular Motion Controllers (Single & Multi-Axis) Modular I/O Controllers, Unique Stage & Actuator Solutions
HMI's, Industrial PC's, Integrated HMI/Controllers
Linear Bearings, Linear Actuators, Ballscrews, Cartesian Robots, Megatorque Direct Drive Motors
Precision Gearboxes, Custom Pulleys, and Custom Mechanical Assemblies

Linear and Rotary Cross Roller Stages, Ceramic Linear Bearings, MicroSlides

Programmable Linear & Rotary Encoders, Incremental, Absolute, and Analog Outputs, Inclinometers

Servo and Stepper Flexible Shaft Couplings, Torque Limiters, and Line (Drive) Shafts, Motor Mounts
3W-15kW Servos, NEMA 8-34 Steppers, Resolvers, Incremental & Absolute Encoders
Iron Core & Ironless Linear Motors & Linear Motor Components
Linear and PWM Servo Amplifiers
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